For some of us at KeenVision, our early careers were spent in hi-tech manufacturing. We were Accounting Managers and Controllers of large manufacturing operations. We moved on to Senior Financial Management roles in large multi-national companies focused on technical product manufacturing. Manufacturing has always been in our blood. We get really excited about partnering with manufacturing companies to improve competitive performance in this industry segment.

We Love to Work with Manufacturing Companies

Sales and Margin Analysis

  • Business Intelligence
  • Multi-Dimension Analytics
  • Sales Forecasting

Financial Planning

  • Driver-based Forecast Models
  • Scenario Planning
  • Advanced Modeling

Close Management

  • Collaborative Status Board
  • Reconciliation Visibility
  • Accounting Consolidation

Acquisition Integration

  • Integration Modeling
  • Financial Reporting Aggregation
  • Financial System Strategy

Performance Reporting

  • Financial Analytics
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Operating KPI’s

Organization Strategy

  • People, Process, Technology
  • Simplified Accounting
  • CFO Advisory

Sales Forecasting and Sales Analytics

An automotive supplier needed to replace an excel-based sales forecasting model for its thousands of active part numbers. Keen Vision worked with the client to implement an approach driven by industry vehicle forecast – which radically accelerated the forecast process.

With a streamlined approach, the company was able to move from an annual forecast with occasional estimated updates to a monthly bottoms-up rolling forecast. The analytical and forecast tool also provided incisive tools including price/volume variance reporting and capacity modeling; all with drill-down capability.

Revenue Recognition and Sales Analytics

A hi-tech manufacturer of integrated circuit inspection equipment had a challenge analyzing Revenue, Discounts and Margins by Product line as nearly every Sales Order was sold in Product and Service bundles. The accounting organization needed a solution that could un-bundle each order and assign sales values across all product and service components.

KeenVision worked to design and implement a shared solution for all divisions to use. The resulting tool was used for sales analysis as well as revenue recognition.

CFO Advisory and Financial Forecasting

A plumbing products manufacturer, experiencing substantial growth, needed improvement in financial management processes and tools. Company management relied on limited financial reporting – quarterly actuals and no formal forecasts. KeenVision implemented financial forecasting processes to provide forward looking data to support company leadership.

A new general ledger allowed the accounting organization to provide meaningful performance reporting on a recurring basis. The financial visibility allowed leadership to confidently continue strategic business investments while delivering strong year-over-year profitable growth.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help your Manufacturing company. At KeenVision, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

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