Technology companies typically have complex Sales activity and Revenue planning models influenced by ASC606 requirements. Expense planning is heavily driven around dynamic approaches to forecasting compensation cost as personnel resources shift.

KeenVision works with technology industry clients to design and develop efficient and effective planning capabilities that work at their desired level of detail.

Advanced Planning with Technology Firms

Sales Planning

  • Sales Capacity Modeling
  • CRM Data Integration
  • Multi-Dimension Analytics

Financial Planning

  • Driver-based Forecast Models
  • Scenario Planning
  • Asset Management

Close Management

  • Collaborative Status Board
  • Reconciliation Visibility
  • Accounting Consolidation

Revenue Planning

  • Bookings, Renewals, Churn
  • Revenue PLanning (ASC606)
  • Multiple Revenue Streams

Performance Reporting

  • Financial Analytics
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Operating KPI’s

Predictive Cash Flow

  • Inflows with Net Forecasts
  • Pre-Paid Cash Impacts
  • Cash Predictability

Sales and Revenue Planning

With growth driven both organically and through acquisition, our client needed an effective means to measure Sales Activity (leads, conversions, etc.) as well as the impact of Contract Renewals on the business.  The planning process incorporated both operational and financial drivers by Client market size as a means to measure and analyze Sales and Revenue forecasts as well as Actual performance.

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