Business planning should help management teams dynamically direct the business. Current Planning and Performance Management tools allow finance organizations to utilize advanced planning methodologies – business drivers, initiative planning, and multi-scenario evaluations. Strong Finance teams can equip their leadership with meaningful insights that support clearer decision making.


The leaders at KeenVision have run Corporate FP&A organizations at large enterprises and start-ups. We understand first-hand the needs and challenges a Financial management team faces in delivering effective business forecasts and performance reporting.


KeenVision specializes in integrating sound business planning approaches with the market-leading EPM platform from Planful. KeenVision has been a professional services partner with Planful since 2014 and has successfully implemented their solutions in a broad range of industries.

The Planful platform allows financial management teams to implement planning solutions that utilize business drivers and scenario mapping to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of planning activities. Planful offers a complete suite of enterprise performance management solutions through cloud-based applications.

At KeenVision, we understand that every company operates and plans differently and there is not one simple model for every company. Our leaders work with your team to effectively leverage technical features, adopt best practices, and design an effective advanced planning solution.

Advanced Planning

  • Utilize business planning models at a dynamic operational level. Plan in the native dimensions and language of the sales or operations team – then automatically integrate with the financial plan.
  • Interactive modeling delivers the power to iteratively plan and analyze in a single interface – model, pivot, review, assess and iterate.
  • Integrate operational and financial planning elements.  Utilize operational data, cohorts, drivers into continuous planning and analysis.
  • Generate analytic views for both operations and finance organizations from a common data and calculation basis.  Performance views allow Finance and Operational functions to have a common, shared view of the business.
  • Collaborate securely across Excel, Web and Mobile.

Using Advanced Planning

Sales & Revenue Forecasting
Plan and report Sales at an activity level with relevant dimensions integrating data from diverse sales sources (CRM, Open Orders, etc.) for effective Sales planning.  Incorporate Revenue planning rules (ASC606) along with business drivers for contract renewals, churn and other key factors.

REIT Asset and Treasury Planning
In the REIT industry, KeenVision has designed and developed tools that support the Finance and Treasury teams in the evaluation of strategic activities:

  • Asset Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Debt Issuance / Retirement and Equity Financing

The rapid iteration and assessment capabilities highlight the changes to Net Operating Income, Net Income, the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. Comparison reporting views highlight the changes from each assessment scenario versus the base business plan.

M&A Strategy Planning
Your business plan is to grow organically and through an active M&A strategy – shouldn't your planning process be more dynamic than a collection of isolated Excel files.  Aggregate your M&A Strategic Planning with Keen's planning solutions which allow you to rapidly assess iterations of your M&A growth plan.  Vary the size, quantity and timing of acquisitions along with targeted business improvement initiatives. Combine with Proforma data for intelligent Performance reporting.


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