Why KeenVision?

So, why use KeenVision? The real question to be asking is probably….what does your financial management team need to fulfill your role and have time available to be active in the key decisions facing your business?

The pressure is there on your whole finance team – get the job done right, do it on schedule and do it well. There is typically very little time and energy left over to address key business challenges. Challenges that may exist, but aren’t really showing up in the actuals or variance analysis yet. Business challenges and opportunities that are out in front of you.

To get a forward focus, you may inevitably need to buy time in your schedule. Finding better, more efficient ways to get the job done is a key component in freeing up time within your financial management team.

The team at Keen Vision is an ally to your team. We are available to work with your team to identify, design and implement better ways of getting the fundamental job done. Our team understands the key role your financial management team plays – we have been in the same place in our careers. We are capable and willing to help your team adopt and leverage new technology so you can buy the time to be active in the leadership of the business.

We are available to you….and ready to work with your team shoulder-to-shoulder.

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Our Core Values

We Aim to Understand

We understand the requirements and strengths of each aspect of your tech tool kit. We are strong on technology that aligns with the needs of the business – insightful, nimble, flexible, fast.

We Love Technology

KeenVision is all in with cloud applications and accounting software. Excel is awesome – but we recognize its’ limitations. Just because Excel can, does not mean you should. We deliver the right systems for your business.

We Build for the Long Term

The business model is continually changing…so the financial solutions we recommend must allow for user-based change. We like to ‘design for the long run’ but implement in phases; which allows us to knit the technology into the function of the organization.

We Stand by our Principles

We believe that the finance organization should be tightly integrated with all other business functions. We believe that technology can be effectively utilized to enhance both financial management performance.